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Our story

Bastet, the jewellery, is a modern illumination of femininity delicately handcrafted and inspired by Bastet, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess. Originally depicted as a fierce lioness warrior, the later more familiar Bastet was the goddess of protection, fertility and women’s secrets. 

The great festival of Bastet was an annual celebration where women were freed from all constraints, casting aside inhibitions in one of the most lavish events of the year. Much like what the Goddess represents, the jewellery, is a manifestation of its simple form of delicacy with modern and clean everyday adornments. 

Each and every Bastet piece is passionately designed and handcrafted by the Artist, Dina Elkhouly. Employing a variety of materials and numerous techniques, Bastet will continuously evolve to birth pristine playful designs deep rooted to intense heritage.

About the Artist

Egyptian-born Lisbon-based contemporary jewellery designer and maker, Dina Elkhouly brings Bastet to life with intricate handcrafted designs inspired by a smooth blend of her rich Egyptian and Arabic heritage, and the subtle vibrance captured from the details of many roads she traveled.

Dina has always been fascinated by the craftsmanship and intense detailing in the designs of ancient Egypt and the metalsmiths of old Cairo. The fascination evolved into a passion which she pursued, leaving behind a career in finance of almost 10 years spanning 3 continents.

Her pursuit started with jewellery studies in Egypt at the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, the only contemporary jewellery school in the Middle East, and further advanced during her studies at  ARCO in Portugal as well as Hochschule Trier in Germany. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Pforzheim University, Germany.

Dina has participated at several exhibitions in Cairo and Lisbon, showcasing some of her early pieces and her latest contemporary designs and gaining appreciation and demand from seasoned jewellery collectors.